amanda the adventurer free play

amanda the adventurer free play is back to continue her exciting adventures! Joining this lively girl is Woolie, her pet sheep friend from earlier in the story. Discovering old VHS tapes featuring old television shows is what started this whole thing off – with numerous episodes available to view on your screen as well as opportunities to travel elsewhere and participate. Are you up for this incredible journey? Play the first cassette! , also play more games at Neal Fun.

about amanda the adventurer

a game developed by CatyFever. It’s a platformer game featuring Amanda, an adventurous explorer on a quest to collect treasures and overcome obstacles you can get the game from steam.

amanda free to play

amanda the adventurer  impressions are that she’s charming and friendly; you might also notice she asks bizarre questions as the game progresses and doesn’t agree with their viewpoints; her behavior toward Woolie could even be considered frightening! As soon as a sheep goes missing it becomes evident that Amanda may be involved.

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