Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker is an interactive game where players create candies through clicking. Continue clicking to create more candies, upgrade equipment and produce faster outcomes – soon you could become one dazzling candy producer thanks to candy 2 clicker scratch.

exciting and engaging clicker game set in an immersive candy world! Enjoy some delectable sweets today! Candy Clicker unblocked will transport you into an exciting and captivating realm where candies of every hue await collection and creation! Enjoy collecting and making endless amounts of sweet candies that cover every hue in the rainbow! As part of your gaming experience, confections like lollipops cake chocolates biscuits crumbs donuts muffins and more may appear during gameplay.

candy clicker 2

Candy Clicker 2 is an idle game in which players use their mouse to produce candy with clicks of their mouse, purchasing upgrades as you go along, and exploring all that the game provides them with , also play Cookie Clicker 2 Unblocked.

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how to play

  • use mouse

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