Cinenerdle is an interactive film-themed guessing game where players need to display an image from one film scene after another until they identify its name and genre. Images are split up into nine tiles for easy playback – every incorrect choice adds another tile. Plus, knowing its genre helps the process.

How it Works: Players will be shown an assortment of tiles each containing part of a film title or another iconic symbol associated with its production, your goal being to quickly identify as many films with as few tiles flipped as possible while remaining accurate, miscalculation will flipping more tiles, making the game harder! However, any incorrect assumptions could result in additional flips, making your challenge that much also Lookdle and Unicycle Hero.

cinenerdle 2

the game provides an exciting opportunity for film enthusiasts of all kinds to test their knowledge on an array of movies from past blockbusters and classic favorites alike to lesser known, obscure flicks. No matter your passion for films, provides hours of enjoyable fun!

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