Flappy Cat

Flappy Cat is a game inspired by the popular mobile game “Flappy Bird,” but with a cat-themed twist. In Flappy Cat, players control a cat character that flies through a series of obstacles by tapping or clicking the screen to make the cat flap its wings and navigate through gaps in the obstacles , also play Lookdle and Slope Game GitHub.

flappy cat door How To Play

  • the game is online and you can only use mouse if you are with desktop

Come out of their nests, birds! Cats have taken over! Like its counterpart Flappy Bird, your goal in this game is to progress as far through as many levels while avoiding obstacles as long as possible.

If you’re interested in playing the game, you can search for it on your preferred app store or look for online versions in your web browser. Keep in mind that while the gameplay is simple, it can be addictive and challenging to master!

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