Icy Purple Head 2

Icy Purple Head 2 unblocked is an online physics puzzle game featuring a purple cube which, this time around, turns to ice. As soon as it does so it rolls down ramps for as long as its physics permit , play more game such this like Icy Purple Head 3 and Icy Purple Head Super Slide.

How To Play Icy Purple Head 2

the game is a puzzle game where you control a purple creature and aim to guide it safely to the pool of water. Here’s a guide on how to play:

  • using mouse and keys in desktop

Icy Purple Head 2 is all about slip and slide adventure. Cling to walls as you glide along icy surfaces for an engaging slip-and-slide experience that tests both strategic thinking and reflexes in each level as you avoid obstacles while using blocks’ transformation into icy forms to your advantage. The game provides plenty of thrills!