Icy Purple Head 3

Enjoy the return of Icy Purple Head 3 Icy the Purple Head can help the letter carrier deliver packages on time by sliding, running, and jumping through levels. Unlock cool hats for Icy Loo to make him even cooler – matching their colors to those of mail birds is key here; use click and hold to turn purple Icy into ice, and slide down ramps as soon as ice Icy has formed!

Icy Purple Head 3 will take you on an icy journey. Put on your warmest clothes and join the adorable postman!Enjoy hours of relaxation and fun with this free online game , also play Icy Purple Head 2 and Icy Purple Head Super Slide.

Icy Purple Head 3 how to play

  • using mouse

Icy Purple Head’s online adventure provides an exciting, captivating, and visually-appealing gaming experience that appeals to players of any age.

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