jacksmith unblocked

jacksmith unblocked is an action-based role-playing game where you, the donkey blacksmith Jacksmith, create weapons such as powerful tools such as hammers and axes to bows and swords for defense of troops against your enemies.

jacksmith unblocked is an exciting crafting game in which players create weapons for soldiers to fight with against creatures in combat , also play other games online at nealfun.art.

jacksmith unblocked no flash games

Jacksmith no flash games is an action-packed game featuring Jacksmith, an adorable donkey blacksmith character characterized as one of the smartest donkeys ever! In Jacksmith you must create various weapons for use by your soldiers to stay ahead in this thrilling journey. Weapon making requires much manual effort.

how to play

popular online game where you play as a skilled blacksmith named Jack, tasked with crafting weapons for an army of fantastical creatures. Here’s a basic guide on how to play:

  • use mouse

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