Monkey Mart Unblocked

Monkey Mart Unblocked is an online supermarket management game where you are in charge of a charming monkey who oversees and grows their store. Plant and harvest different products for sale to customers while earning cash as they do so. Furthermore, assistants are on board to assist with growing, harvesting and selling tasks while upgrading your store to draw in even more customers , also play Pony Clicker and toy defense.

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Make yourself the owner of your local supermarket as an adorable monkey by purchasing vacant parcels of land nearby the shelves with your money and unlocking the plots to plant fruit trees that produce food such as corn, bananas eggs peanuts chocolate coffee beans wheat etc.

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Increased efficiency requires optimizing both primary and staff monkeys for increased effectiveness. Your first upgrade for main monkey is free; subsequent ones cost an amount set by coins each time and include upgrades that enhance speed, stamina, object carrying capacity as well as workstation size options with three categories for speed, stack size and stamina improvements – the prices vary and increase gradually with every upgrade you purchase.

how to play

  • using mouse

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