Nitro Type 2

Get ready for an incredible typing adventure with Nitro Type 2. With its three-dimensional racing game experience and adrenaline-charged racing action, you will experience thrilling typing action while sharpening up your typing abilities at high speed – an innovative combination of entertainment and learning designed to keep you at an edge!

nitro type offers an immersive 3D world that puts you behind the steering wheel of a race vehicle, racing against time and three computer-controlled opponents , also play moviedle game.

typing Nitro 2 3d racing

typing Nitro Type 2 challenges players not only to beat competitors but also race ahead of the time. Each race takes you towards your ultimate goal of setting record-breaking times by running as fast as you possibly can. Computers offer you the chance to put your skills on display: do you possess enough writing capacity for victory?

Nitro Type 2 is not only enjoyable but also educational! A fantastic way to increase typing proficiency through fun races while honing typing abilities; beginner or expert alike will find Nitro Type an engaging experience!

how to play Nitro Type 2

  • use mouse

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