No Internet Game

Google first unveiled The No Internet Game – commonly referred to as Chrome Dino or T-Rex Runner – as a browser-based game in 2014. Players play it when trying to access websites but their internet connectivity fails them, leading them to play when visiting an unfamiliar webpage is unsuccessful , check also more games like Sausage Flip and Planet Clicker.

This game involves controlling a miniature dinosaur who must race across obstacles such as cacti and Pterodactyls to avoid collision with them and stay alive long enough to score as many points possible before running out of energy.

how to play no internet games

So press the space bar and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with T-Rex Dinosaur in this online version of a timeless classic game, No Internet Games.

Start the game using space bar; use vertical and lateral arrow keys to steer dinosaur; do your best to score as many points as possible to compete!

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