penalty kick online

penalty kick online is an exciting football game in which you take on the role of penalty taker for 15 minutes in which to score as many goals as possible.

Are you passionate about football and want to see yourself score with penalty kicks in key matches of football? Look no further – online games that simulate penalty kicks provide the ideal solution to instantly achieve your goals and experience their thrill while sharpening skills and immersing oneself into virtual football world!

penalty kick online cool math

online cool math – As soon as your initial shot hits its target, a second one is awarded by finding an acceptable math solution. Achieve five rounds with most goals scored to become the game champion!

Penalty Kick Online is all about timing and precision. Every kick provides a thrilling challenge, leaving it up to players to select speed or finesse as their kick meets its mark. Beat the goalkeeper for an explosive kick into the top corner to send fans wild!

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