Pinocchiogoria was written by Axel Dossow in 2023 as an unsettling visual novel and dark adaptation of Pinocchio: Adventures of Pinocchio fairytale tale.

the game is an imaginative adventure game that blends elements of the classic story of Pinocchio with the surreal and fantastical world of Euphoria , also play Solar Smash Unblocked and Ronnie McNutt FNF.

pinocchiogoria bath

Pinocchiogoria’s online version allows players to experience this thrilling adventure without installation or downloads – giving you plenty of thrills as you tackle challenging puzzles against an unnerving Psycho Pinocchio in his world dedicated to keeping players at the edge of their seats!

bath an immersive puzzle, horror and storytelling experience unlike any other. Can you escape Pinocchio’s grasp or will the dark forces befalling this bizarre retelling of classic tale?

how to play

  • using mouse

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