pizza clicker

Pizza Clicker is an engaging idle clicker game featuring an engaging pizza theme! As your own pizza company, your goal should be to produce as many tasty pizzas as possible! At first, select an existing base pizza in order to bake more bases; once money has been earned you may purchase additional toppings such as corn and tomato sauce before baking takes place automatically over time.

pizza clicker unblocked

pizza online clicker unblocked its the same with pizza clicker 2 but this type its only not for free that why all gamers far away from pizza ,Every time you upgrade your menu, the pizzas you serve become increasingly delicious, and your pizzeria becomes better known among its customer base.

No matter if you love pizza or simply looking for some gaming entertainment, Pizza Clicker is an unrivaled gaming adventure – explore a world full of delicious sweet and savory delights, start playing Happy Glass now online, and start discovering its world its same with the pizza edition cookie clicker.

how to play

  • use mouse

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