planet clicker 2

Planet Clicker 2 is an exciting clicker game which lets you boost energy production, discover new planets and upgrade existing energy production to keep upgrading – there are also tons of additional options and planets! Plus! A brand-new version with many added options.

Welcome to Planet Clicker 2 game where clicking planets to gain lightning bolts is your goal. Every click opens up an opportunity for one, so gather as many lightning bolts as you can by collecting as much as you can to purchase support products that help gather them , also play Money Clicker and hot dog clicker.

Automatic lightning coordinate determination takes place as more goods and items are purchased; as this occurs faster and faster.

planet clicker 2 unblocked

planet clicker 2 unblocked primary aim is to gather resources by clicking planets, which enable you to purchase upgrades and enable new planets. Each planet presents unique obstacles as well as resources; to maximize growth of your space empire you must carefully balance generating these resources against upgrading costs as well as unlocking more planets – strategizing will become key!

how to play

  • use mouse

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