Play Birthday Wordle

Birthday Wordle is an entertaining game in which players attempt to guess correctly the sequence of letters representing someone’s birth date. They have 10 chances to guess correctly; their color gives useful feedback as they determine how close or far off you were from reaching an answer also play birthdayle.

Guess any combination of letters, numbers or symbols. Use one form or combine different ones. Each tile’s color reflects how accurate your guess was; thus providing useful feedback regarding how accurate your guess was. Color feedback serves as an added hint and reminder.

wordle birthday How To Play

  • Goal of this game: find who has hidden their birthday. Begin typing a word that contains exactly the number of letters required before hitting Enter on your virtual keyboard after entering said word and note the colour used to highlight letters and just when they said happy birthday wordle.
  • Numbers that do not contain color will not appear disguised, however those highlighted yellow represent part of an unknown word that’s located elsewhere; when one cell has green highlights it means therein lies part of that unknown word.

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