Short Life 2

Short Life 2 will put your resilience and swift reflexes through an exciting platformer test in this sequel to the ever-popular Short Life game, created by Gametornado and produced exclusively for short Life by being an engaging mix of fast paced gaming with ragdoll-like physics for an engaging experience; your goal: don’t die , also play ovo unblocked and Papa’s Freezeria Unblocked.

short life 2 unblocked

short life 2 unblocked from Gametornado is an exhilarating platformer which puts your wits and timing to the test on every level. Following its predecessor Short Life,Short Life gives players an exclusive physics-based gaming experience!

The game features an adorable ragdoll who must navigate deadly traps such as saws bombs and other unpleasant obstructions to unlock characters and collect stars for unlocking more challenging sections. Your goal should be to collect stars as quickly as possible to collect stars unlock characters and reach the final section without encountering bloody yet amusing surprises along the way!

how to play

  • use mouse

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