unblocked unblocked is an addictive computer game with millions of players worldwide and now you can experience its popularity for free at Neal Fun! allows you to play as a snake in an excitingly colored arena, where your task is to consume colorful pellets scattered about and consume them to grow longer and larger; be wary, however, of other players doing the same – any collision will end the game immediately, also you can play Sling Drift and doodle jump unblocked. unblocked at school

Slither io Unblocked allows you to control a serpent on an interactive grid map. Your movement can be controlled using either holding down or clicking left mouse button; eating colorful pellets helps your snake grow longer while trying not to run into any other snakes controlled by other players in a game of competition against each other and you must outmaneuver all others in order to become the largest serpent on servers.

How To Play slither io unblocked

only using mouse

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