Stick Duel Medieval Wars

Stick Duel Medieval Wars is a thrilling action game. The aim is to manage the stickman in order to beat your adversary and be the first player to receive five stars , more games visite

How To Play Stick Duel Medieval Wars

  • using mouse
  • table of keys

also if Are you willing to join in the fight between two stickmen in the late at night, The goal is to manage your stickman and fight your opponent. Make use of a long, medieval weapon to take on your adversaries. The stickmen sit on skateboards, and are prone to unpredictable movements. You must make quick reactions to handle one. This may be difficult for those who are not experienced. Do your best! Make sure you keep an eye on the blood-bar throughout the day. If you are unable to replenish your blood, you’ll lose. Directly hit the head of your competitor to win easily. Winner is the one that gets five stars.

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