TayHeardle allows music-lovers and Taylor Swift fans alike to experience her top tracks with joy! By matching fragments from songs with tiny excerpts of them, make predictions and identify songs’ titles six times out. Bring other musical enthusiasts as well as Swift fans along and compete to guess the correct answer in an exciting contest to guess the word!

an online music game available to all for no cost, features Taylor Swift song-specific versions of Heardle. Each taylordle heardle is randomly picked from Taylor’s discography which includes both albums as well as unreleased tracks with significant meaning.

TayHeardle How To Play

  • Through TayHeardle you can immerse yourself in Taylor Swift’s hit songs with its captivating melodies. Fans should try this exciting game of six challenges designed to find songs quickly by listening for short fragments from them before guessing the artist name from brief fragments of audio tracks. Invite others who enjoy music as much as Taylor Swift into this adventure of word guessing fun; have a blast together!

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