Tunnel Rush 2

Tunnel Rush 2 will put your skills and speed of thinking through their paces as you guide a ball through exhilarating tunnels filled with dangerous dangers that you must carefully avoid, as well as opportunities for treasure hunting! Each tunnel provides its own challenge that must be navigated successfully before discovering all its secrets!

this game its an exciting continuation of its predecessor. Are you up for an exhilarating train journey through an endless tunnel? Race along 3D tunnels full of vibrant colours while dodging dangerous obstacles and turning continuously through 3D tunnels , also check Tunnel Rush Unblocked.

tunnel rush 2 unblocked

tunnel rush 2 unblocked games premium offers fast paced navigation through 3D lit tunnels while taking on risks with rewards. To move forward and overcome obstructions not related to your ship’s color, simply move your screen counterclockwise or clockwise and avoid obstructions that don’t match its hue – otherwise your ship could be destroyed and diamonds collected for improvement of ship.

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