Vex 6

VEX 6 is the newest installment to the parkour-platformer series! Guide your stickman through nine new Acts and hard acts before reaching “Vexation,” each Act being concluded by its final stage, unlocking 64 unique Skins along the way for your Stickman while gathering coins along the way to earn extra coins! Your goal should always be accumulating extra currency.

Vex series games have long been known for providing intense and challenging game play experiences; follows suit by challenging you with speed, accuracy and quick thinking across each level’s unique set of challenges.

vex 6 unblocked

As part of playing vex unblocked , players will require immense exertion in order to overcome its hazards, from spin spikes, cannons and sharp dangers all the way through cannonballs thrown your way by nealfun.

vex 6 game is more than just another game; it’s an evaluation. Are your skills sufficient to overcome challenges presented in this platforming series and find success within it? There’s only one way to test yourself: play cool math games extension unblocked and show us just what your platformer credentials can do!

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