Whack your Boss Unblocked

Whack your Boss Unblocked is an intuitive yet humorous beating-the-boss game with 24 options available for hitting your boss in his office cubicle. Click any one to trigger another animated sequence within that same cubicle – simply locate an object to click, and your video will instantly start.

Whack Your Boss was developed by nealfun.art and can be played online on whack your boss superhero unblocked with no apps to install – players are free to start playing from any browser including iPad, computer or mobile phone! Whack your Boss Unblocked has quickly become one of the favorite titles among gamers since its debut. I hope that many other gamers also appreciate Whack Your Boss game!

how to play Whack your Boss Unblocked

Whack Your Boss Unblocked is a browser-based game where the objective is to find various creative and humorous ways to “whack” your virtual boss. Here’s how to play:

  • You can find “Whack Your Boss” on various online gaming platforms or websites as our nealfun.art.
  • In the game, you’ll typically have access to a variety of objects or tools that you can use to “whack” your boss.

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