Time Shooter 2

Time Shooter 2 is an exciting first-person shooter where time literally stands still until your move is made. Careful consideration must be made with regard to shooting and movement when planning, such as when dodging enemy fire during slow-mo fights before using all available time to navigate terrain effectively and make your move.

Time Shooter 3

Time Shooter 3’s core mechanic is simple but immensely enjoyable; time moves as you do, enabling you to stop, plan your actions accurately and carry them out precisely , also play No Internet Game and Traffic Jam 3D.

Time Shooter 3 is an immersive first-person action game where your goal is to master your character’s movements in order to take down evil forces throughout time and history.

time shooter 2 unblocked

Time Shooter 2 is an interactive Geometry math exercise which encourages students to gain more understanding about triangles, two column proofs and other related areas.

how to play

  • use mouse

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