tradle game

tradle game


tradle game provides you with an entertaining and educational way to explore the complex world of international trade, through gameplay. As you play it you will gain insight into various countries’ exports as well as their position on the international marketplace – perfect if you are an economist looking for new experiences! Whether or not that be something economic-based for yourself! Tradle has something in store!

oec tradle game presents you with an image of a tree map representing exports from various countries, and asks you to decipher any clues underneath its visual presentation in order to locate and determine the country that corresponds. Your success in doing this game hinges on your success just like Wordle does. play also Play Birthday Wordle and doodle jump unblocked.

tradle game oec how to play

  • Guess the Country: Make guessing your next adventure even more entertaining by trying to figure out which country exports the product of interest – adding another exciting aspect of travels!
    Learn and Compare: To expand on what you already know about global trade, take a peek at this amazing globe of international commerce and use what knowledge you already possess to compare against reality and gain more insight into international commerce complexities.

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